Tokyo is the first song from this record we worked on with Nick Zinner,  made us realize that we wanted to work together. It’s about coming back to your wins and losses in your daily reality after a week in Tokyo. Best/weirdest vacation I ever had, cut from the universe and placed in this mad bubble that Tokyo is.

The result is a black and white video portrait of us… we find it mesmerizing – wonder why?​

The idea of doing this video was born when we met the artist and photographer Jonatan Gretarsson to be featured in his new book last summer (Jonatan no.3). His style is great and the way he has managed to capture the personality of his subjects in photos is really beautiful so doing a video with him was exciting. We had no idea what would happen on the day of shooting but when we arrived to the studio he had baroque music playing really loud and one by one we stood in front of the camera for more then 20 min each!

And now see the video!