Kantine Am Berghain

Fufanu Konzert
by Fufanu one week ago
Wir spielen Kantine Am Berghein im August in Berlin! Bis bald! // We play in Berlin in August

Hourglass The Video

by Fufanu about 2 weeks ago

Fufanu - dialogue i

The Dialogue Series Update
about one month ago
Our dialogue has begun with the release of dialogue i...


about one month ago


new video
about 6 months ago
We had no idea what would happen on the day of shooting but when we arrived to the studio he had baroque music playin...

Fufanu & Alters

konsert Bryggjan Brugghús
about 6 months ago
Við byrjum árið með tónleikum á Bryggjunni Brugghúsi og þér er boðið. Skráðu þig á gestalistann, og sértu velkominn.V...

White Pebbles Video

by Snorri Bros
about 7 months ago
Fufanu have premiered the White Pebbles video. Shot on location in Reykjavik, it is a must see.

Fufanu Restart Video and Remix

Restart Video
about 1 year ago
We bring you Restart

Demon Dayz Festival

Live on RedBull TV
more than 1 year ago
Our concert at Demon Days was streamed by Red Bull TV. In case you missed it, here are 3 songs from the concert and...

Sports Plus Bonaparte

Remixed by Bonaparte
more than 1 year ago
“I discovered Fufanu whilst on a trip through Iceland and after meeting in a Reykjavík pub I managed to smuggle the...

Sports Remix EP

Feast your ears!
more than 1 year ago
Something to feast your ears on!

Our Own Shop

more than 1 year ago
We have been travelling and gigging since the release of Sports. We fly out to our destination. Due to the nature of...


Write Up
more than 1 year ago
GlamGlare – share / news piece


more than 1 year ago
Our friends in Konsulat sent us a re-edit of Sports to tie us over the weekend. We want to share it with you right...